Dahlia care

Dahlia CareOf course your dahlias need lots of loving care to enable them to grow into real head turners that will be the admiration of everyone who is lucky enough to pass through your garden. However, dahlias do need a little extra help from time to time in order that they can continue to blossom and grow year after year.

The main point to consider if you are hoping to grow dahlias each year is that they will not survive a cold winter. Many people plant the tubers about a foot or 30 cm deep to protect them and this can be quite successful. However, the very best way to ensure that you do now allow your plants to succumb to the British winter is to cut them right down after they have died for the season, dig the tubers out, allow them to dry and store them in a box in a dry place where they will not freeze. They will be perfectly happy and ready for planting again as soon as the frosts are over in the spring.

Take great care when you are digging your dahlias out for storage as the tubers are very delicate and can be very easily damaged. It is wise to dig away from the plant at first to loosen the soil, continue right the way round until it can be dislodged. Gently shake any excess soil off and then wash the tubers with a hose to be as clean as possible before storing.

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