Semi-cactus and cactus dahliasCactus Dahlia


This type of dahlia is very popular with a very pretty, almost fluffy-looking form. Flowers are fully double, with slightly sharp looking petals that curve in tightly for about half of their length. These differ from full cactus because the florets are slightly broader at the base. Flower sizes range from miniature (less than 10 cm or 4 inches) to a showy giant size (over 25 cm or 10 inches).


Altami Corsair – produces very free flowering blooms in a very rich crimson colour which does not fade.

The flowers are typically 15 – 20 cm or 6 – 8 inches across.

Yellow Spiky – this is a medium flowered semi-cactus dahlia that produces yellow blooms with a bronze tinted overlay. Flowers are 15 – 20 cm or 6 – 8 inches wide.

Pink Jupiter – giant flowered semi-cactus dahlia with flowers that are deep pinky-mauve in colour.


These are very similar to semi-cactus types but the florets are not as broad at their base and they can be straight or curved towards the centre of the bloom. These can also grow to various sizes ranging from miniature to giant.


Dana Iris – very popular small flowered cactus dahlia that produces strong red blooms. Flowers are 10 – 15 cm or 4 – 6 inches across.

Rokesley Mini – this is a very free flowering miniature cactus dahlia which bears pure white blooms. The plant grows to a height of 1 metre (3 ft).

Shirley Alliance – small flowered, with softly coloured orange petals that have a golden base.